God Spares a Blind Driver

“The angel of the LORD encampeth round about them that fear Him, and delivereth them” (Psalm 34:7).

My mother, legally blind, sat alone in her car when it started to roll. “The car was moving,” she told me. I thought, I’ve got to do something.”

Before this, we enjoyed our meal at the White Kitchen. We returned to our car. The engine turned over, but neither of us succeeded in getting it out of park.

What am I going to do? I thought. God is our hope, but we forgot to pray. Instead, we used our human reasoning. It nearly spelled disaster.

I dashed down the sidewalk to a telephone. I called Jack and told him our problem.

“Is the wheel cramped tight against the curb? “If it is, that can put the shift level into a bind. Pull hard on it, and you may be able to shift it. Please call me back.”

I followed Jack’s instructions and got it into reverse. If I shift back into park, it may lock up again, I thought. I left to telephone and returned to my car. Something has happened, I deduced when I saw Mom’s ashen white face. Her whole body trembled with fright.

“I almost had an accident,” Mom gasped between breaths. “Suddenly, the car started to move across the road. It moved all the way across the street. Two cars crossed behind me. I lunged across to the driver’s seat. Gritting my teeth, I managed to get the car into drive. I drove across the street and parked. And here I am, back where we were.”

My heart palpitated. Mom, I thought, cars don’t drive themselves. Unseen hands grabbed the wheel and drove the car. I believe an angel guided Mom’s hands back across the road. Mom could have been killed, I thought. We still have a good Chrysler. God still cares even though I forgot to pray.

Mom had scooted back into the passenger’s seat. Now it was my turn to drive.

She drew short breaths all the way home. I reached over and felt her racing pulse.

God did not fix the problem, but He kept us from harm. He used Jack to tell us what to do. He directed traffic that day and helped a blind woman to avert disaster. God protects, defends, and delivers me. He is my hope when eyes are dim.

Printed in Spiritual Voice News, Spring 2005, © 2005, Lynn Wallace

Lord, I thank Thee for Thy angels which watch over me. Help me remember God is my hope when things go wrong. In Jesus’ name. Amen

Bio: Lynn writes from her parents’ farm in Montrose, Colorado. She enjoys watching calves and deer at play. Robins, mourning doves, hawks and eagles take of in flight. Her articles flew off to various editors who printed about eighty of them. Her first book, Our Lifeship: Studies in Proverbs for Women soared to Ambassador Emerald International. They liked it and published it!


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