Dealing with the Anger Trap

I have read that the giant panda pays no heed when he gets caught in a trap. The same panda might find himself in the same trap several times.

Human beings usually don’t get caught in literal traps like pandas. However, the same trap often catches us again and again. Anger enmeshes us many times as a booby trap.

“Your uniforms,” I yelled, “I left them at the laundry.” Leon, my husband, turned around, but the uniforms were gone. Someone stole them. I stomped out of the laundry. I yelled all the way home and even struck myself. I had fallen into the booby trap of anger.

After that explosion if I said, “It’s not that bad,” my denial of my anger kept me in its trap.

If I cried and carried on, and said, “I’m no good,” it failed to fix the problem.

Saying “I’m not mad,” is a poor solution. None of these ways get me out of the anger trap.

Agreeing with God that my anger is sin and dealing with it as sin is the first step toward escaping the sin trap.

Suppose my daughter criticizes me, “Oh Mom, that outfit’s behind the times.”

If I say, “Leave me alone; I’ll wear what I want to,” I might try to patch it up, saying, “I didn’t really mean it that way.”

At such times my husband said, “Watch that voice!”. In this way he helped me identify the anger trap.

After this admission God wants me to confess my anger as sin, not in a general way, but be specific. “Lord, I got angry at … today.”

As long as I said, “I cannot control my anger,” I failed to trust God for victory. In actuality I said, “God lacks the power to take care of my anger.” When I trusted God for help with my temper, I escaped the anger trap. He will do the same for you. Then the Holy Spirit will fill your life with His fruit.

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