God’s Loving Arms

The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms (Deut. 33:27, KJV).

Has the cold ever nipped you and caused your fingers to tingle? Has your body ever shivered when ice coated the concrete outside?

One dreary night the ice storm sheeted the roads, making them impassable. Consequently, my husband stayed at his work place.  The temperature plunged to 4° F. The propane leaked out of the tank, leaving me without heat in the house.

When I slipped into bed and huddled under all the available covers, I missed my husband’s warm arms. My whole body trembled from the cold. My nose felt as if Jack Frost had nipped it.

After a cold, sleepless night, I forced myself to get up and eat breakfast. As we lacked propane, I heated water on an electric hotplate and washed the dishes. My fingers smarted when I touched the icy silverware.

Chilled to the bone, I crawled back into bed and pulled the covers around me. My teeth chattered and tears threatened to spill over. My nose ran.

“Please Lord,” I cried out in desperation, “help me.” His comforting warmth enveloped me. The angel of the Lord wrapped His loving arms around me. God heard my prayers and warmed me.

Dear Lord, Thank you for your warmth and your love. Help me always to look up to Thee. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Published by Hopekeepers, July 2003, ã 2003, Lynn Wallace.

Lynn’s book, Our Lifeship, speaks about prayer in the Christian life. www.writingfrommyheart.com. PayPal.


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