God’s Prescription for Victory over Giants

“He (Caleb) wholly followed the LORD God of Israel” (Josh. 14:14, KJV).

Caleb said, “Give me this mountain,” a mountain where giants lived and the “cities were great and fenced.” Though he had celebrated his eighty-fifth birthday, he still declared, “I will win over these giants.”

God gave Caleb the victory over these giants because he wholly followed the Lord his God.

Today we face giants of drugs, pornography, greed, depression, doubt, violence, illicit sex and others. Each one of us faces difficulty and temptation.

As Caleb overcame the giants, so can we. He trusted in the Lord. Let us trust Jesus Christ for the victory in our lives.

We cannot gain the victory over these giants in our own strength. It requires humility, prayer, seeking God’s face and turning from sin. We can overcome these giants in the strength of the Lord.

Oh God, I give myself to Thee. Please give victory over the giants in my life.


Published in Penned from the Heart, Vol. 6; © 1999 Lynn Wallace.


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