Be Strong in Faith

He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith, giving glory to God; And being fully persuaded that, what he had promised, he was able also to perform (Rom. 4:20‑21.

God saved me from the penalty and guilt of sin by grace through faith. He saves me daily from the power of sin by grace through faith. One glorious day He will save me from the presence of sin by His grace.

How is my faith doing? Am I following the steps of my father Abraham?

Back in June 1953 pressures from college took a toll on my life. After a nervous breakdown, I had no place to look but up. The Holy Spirit spoke to my heart, and I knelt by my bed and Jesus Christ came into my innermost being. Shortly thereafter I surrendered my life to Christ.

That fall Christian friends at college encouraged me. “May we help you as you seek to live for Christ? We suggest you begin a devotional life by reading the Bible and praying every day. Here is a Scripture memory course that has helped us.” In March 1954 I made a public profession of faith in Christ and began attending the Bible-teaching and preaching church of these friends. Shortly thereafter I followed God’s leadership in making plans to attend a Bible school.

As I did not understand Christian baptism by immersion, my baptism was delayed for three years.

In September 1954 I went to Bob Jones University and graduated in June 1956 with a master’s degree in Christian education. At that time Bob Jones, Sr., the president preached to us with his old-time philosophy based on the Bible. Of his many sayings, this one guided my life. “Do right; if the stars fall, do right.”

However, I faltered in faith several times after my conversion. In 1958 I nearly suffered a nervous breakdown while in Missoula, Montana. The following year I had to leave Pueblo, Colorado when my nerves collapsed. The same thing happened again in 1962 at Zion, Illinois and in 1964 at Wheaton, Illinois. After this, I nearly gave up.

After my fourth breakdown I landed back in Montrose. Since I found no jobs open to me, I busied myself in two Bible clubs, training workers, and church work: church secretary, visitation, pianist, and primary Sunday School teacher. Nonetheless, I had no joy in serving the Lord.

In September 1967 Ron spoke and asked me, “What about the Navajo?” I told him that I was not called to the Navajo. He surely prayed a lot for me that year. He sensed something was out-of-place. The following year he returned and asked me to visit the Navajo mission field.

I agreed to this “vacation,” not suspecting what the Lord could do in one week. That week the Lord called me to the Navajo, and answered all my arguments for not going.

I packed my bags and arrived back on the field in January 1969. In May 1970 I met my future husband, Leon Wallace. Before long we got engaged and on December 22, 1970 we wed. On November 1, 1972 the Lord gave us a daughter, Lynette. At present she lives in Clarksville, Tennessee and works on a law degree. We had troubles after my husband and her Daddy passed away. Now we have a good relationship.

We had moved back to the Navajo field on May 31, 1971. In October 1976 we moved onto the reservation. The Lord gave us many blessings during our ten years with the Navajo people.

We left to raise more support, but did not receive one more penny. Our church had changed their doctrinal position. Leon moved his family to Dallas where he found a job to support us. We found a church which I believe would have sent us out. My plans drastically changed when on June 22, 1987 God called my beloved home to Heaven. Our five and one-half years in Dallas were difficult years. My faith often failed as I faced deep depression.

Shortly after Leon’s departure, I attended the church of Leon’s brother, Monroe. Pastor Bill preached about writing. He described my shanty that he had never seen. God spoke to me and I surrendered to His will to write. Many of my articles and two curriculum packages found homes in publications. Ambassador Emerald International published my first book, Our Lifeship: A Study in Proverbs for Women. People who see it like my book; most of them buy it. Several published favorable reviews.

God may not call you to the mission field, but He has a plan for each one of our lives. When we surrender to Him and follow His leading, it can get no better on this earth. We can look forward to His coming one day to take us home to Heaven if we know Jesus as our Saviour.

Lynn Wallace


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