What Is Your Hobby?

Chuck said, “For months Ellen’s body wracked with pain.” She lay helpless from two compressed disks in her back. He winced as he helped her take care of simple needs like personal hygiene and eating.

Ellen confided to me once that her hobby was helping others. Now she lay helpless, unable to help herself.

Often the pain interrupted her sleep. She laid there and turned her thoughts to the Lord.

After many months flat on her back, Ellen rejoiced to be able again to attend church. “I’m thankful,” she testified. “When I can’t sleep at night, it gives me more time to pray.”

With her delicate frame and frail body, Ellen’s eyes sparkled and her voice radiated excitement when she spoke of helping others.

We do not gain this kind of wisdom overnight. A careful reading of Proverbs 2:1-6 indicates that it may take years. Ellen said, “I have known the Lord for over forty years. I still have much to learn.”

Later, the pain subsided to a tolerable level. Ellen reluctantly admitted she still had a little pain.  She did not like to complain and dwell on her troubles.

A sweet person, Ellen readily admitted that she had faults. We can learn from her sweet testimony which stemmed from a wise heart.

When Ellen and Chuck met some special people, they thought, We can help these people. “Pastor,” they said, “We would like to help some special people with handicaps. We know of no one ministering unto them.”

“Go ahead,” he encouraged them.

They visited these special people and picked them up for Sunday School.

Every Sunday I see these people limp in or roll in wheelchairs. Word spread and their numbers increased. Christ redeemed special souls.

It blessed my heart when Ellen went forward to pray with one of these special women. Sometimes the people make noise. At times, Ellen or Chuck removed one from the church service. I marvelled at their patience.

Once I heard Ellen chatting on the phone with one of her special friends. Her foot hurt. “Yes,” Ellen said, “I know about the pain.” Then in her own quiet way, she encouraged this lady to turn her problem over to the Lord. Ellen taught me much about caring for people.

One special person, Lucille received Christ several years ago. She told us, “It was hard to leave my (former) church, but I can’t go back.”

One day Lucille testified in a church service, “Jesus died for me. You need Him, too. Take Him as your Saviour.” She joined the church by baptism one week later. Our pastor prayed that she wouldn’t have a seizure in the water. Her testimony blessed the whole church. Ellen and Chuck’s work with special people bore fruit.

“What have you learned, Ellen from these special people?” I asked.

“We have learned that you don’t stop because you have a handicap or a problem. Just keep going right on.”

My only daughter was born normal, but I had problems raising her without a daddy after he went to be with Christ. Ellen taught me to keep going on.

“What is your hobby, Ellen?” I asked her.

“I don’t have time for a hobby,” she responded.

“Would you say that ‘helping others’ is your hobby?”

“Yes, I suppose it is,” she said.


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