Who Am I?

In the seventh or eighth grade I heard the gospel for the first time. It came from the Bible so it must be true. I thought and believed I was a Christian.

About eight years later the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart. “Lynn, you are a sinner. Lynn, Christ died for your sins and rose again. Repent.” I knelt beside my bed, and Jesus came into my heart. Peace came in like a river.

After graduating from Bible school, I served the Lord mostly in teaching children. When problems came up, my stress turned into distress, and I traveled home.

One pastor counseled me, “Lynn, you carry around too many burdens.” I lacked understanding and called my anxieties “nerves.”

After five years at home, the Lord called me to the Navajo. While there, I met Leon Wallace, and we married. We served as missionaries to the Navajo Indian for several years. However, when we returned home, we discovered that our home church had changed its doctrinal position. We changed churches. After we paid off our debts, we planned to return to the Navajo Indian.

However, the Lord had different plans. He took my beloved home. What am I going to do now? I pondered.

The next week I attended my brother-in-law’s church. Brother Bill spoke on writing. He described my shanty though He had not seen it. I knew the Lord was speaking to me.

From that time I started writing. I love it. God has given me peace and joy. Over eighty of my articles and fillers found publication. Accent Bible Curriculum published two curriculum packages. My first book, Our Lifeship: Studies in Proverbs for Women, came out in 2008. My website is http://www.writingfrommyheart.com.


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