9. Hope Out of the Depths

9. Hope Out of the Depths

Psalm 130:5

I wait for the Lord, my soul doth wait, and in his word do I hope.

The psalmist cried out of the depths of despair. He said, “Out of the depths have I cried unto thee, O Lord” (Psa. 130:1). Many of us have experienced this.

In all his troubles, he cried out to the Lord God, and hoped in his word. He knew God is merciful and that with Him is plenteous redemption. Redeem means to buy back. Jesus Christ came to redeem us from our sin. He paid the purchase price when he died on a cruel cross and shed His innocent blood.

As a young believer, I struggled. The Lord gave me hope. After four breakdowns and a long wait, He called me to the Navajo Indian. There I met the man who became my husband, Leon. The Lord gave us a daughter. Many Navajos professed to receive Christ as Saviour. I look forward to seeing them in heaven one day.

One day when we had other plans, a Navajo asked us to baby sit her baby. She left her daughter with us. We agreed to care for the little one. They brought in a cradle board. I wanted to hold that baby. She needed changing. I took her out of the cradle board and took care of her problem. I had no idea how to get her back into the cradle board and fasten it. I held her until her parents returned.

My husband took his Bible and talked to Marilyn about salvation. She wanted to become Jesus’ little lamb. We rejoiced that we changed our plans to care for a baby.

Another time, three girls came to our place. Lugarita spoke up, “May we stay here tonight? A drunk came by while our parents went on business last night, and scared us all.” Leon scratched his head. You cannot refuse a request like that. We had wall-to-wall sleepers that night. Their parents came by about two in the morning. The next day we had seven visitors in our church service from that family. The three girls accepted Christ as their Saviour. Leon baptized them in Lake Powell near Page, Arizona.

After sixteen years of a wonderful marriage, God took my beloved home. What will I do now, Lord? I pondered. The next week I visited my brother-in-law’s church. Pastor Bill preached on writing. He described my shanty though he had never seen it. I knew the Lord was speaking to me. Many manuscripts and two curriculum packages found publication. My first book, Our Lifeship: A Study in Proverbs for Women, sailed off to Ambassador International who published it. I love to write. My God is so good and so great.

My hope is that Our Lifeship will help women sail calmly on life’s seas. My hope is in God’s Word. My desire is to help them find hope in God and then to help them sail calmly on troubled waters. It is like a little bird who finds shelter in the cliff while the waters pour down from above.

Do you have hope in God’s Word? Do you know God promises peace in the heart in the midst of trouble?

Lynn’s book is available from www.writingfrommyheart.com through PayPal.


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