5. Calm in Provisions

5. Our Treasures

The wise sailor takes care of her treasures. With them she buys good building materials. She waterproofs her lifeship so that it will not sink.

Leon, my husband, and I left the Navajo for about a year. We traveled from church to church hoping to raise more support. When we came back, we moved onto the Navajo reservation. They gave us permission to stay there a year.

Now our year nearly expired. We almost, but not not quite, received our church site lease. Subsequent,ly, we had to move. We moved to a mobile home park in our blue International bus. We lacked the $80 space rent. The first month we sold our VW Bug.

Close to the end of the second month, a tourist came by us. “Where can we park out mini-home?” he asked Leon. He showed him a place and the tourist handed him $20.

Our friend came by our space. He worked in the Black Mesa Mine above us. “Leon,” he said, “You can work for me today in the mine.” This netted the remaining $60.

One more month rolled by and we arrived at desperation point. When we went to Page, Arizona for supplies, we found an $80 check in the mail. Bodine Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma sent a note with it. It said, “We took you on as our missionaries for our Daily Vacation Bible School.

Leon had preached there about two years prior to this. However, we had not heard from them since then. Once again God proved His faithfulness to us.

When we trusted God, He provided. He promises to provide for all who remain faithful to Him, not just missionaries.


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