11. Hope in God’s Mercy

lynnPsalm 147

God showed mercy to Joseph when his brothers sold him into slavery. Potiphar, an Egyptian officer, bought him. “The LORD was with Joseph,” and he made him prosper in His master’s sight. “Joseph found grace in his sight.” Potiphar made him overseer over all he had. When Joseph refused to sin with his master’s wife, she lied against him. Potiphar believed his wife, and “his wrath was kindled.” He put Joseph in prison.

Even in prison God was with Joseph. “The LORD was with Joseph, and showed him mercy.” He “gave him favor in the sight of the keeper of the prison.” This man committed to Joseph’s hand all the prisoners.

Later, Joseph is brought before Pharaoh. Pharaoh, king of Egypt, dreamed two troubling dreams. He told his dreams to Joseph. He interpreted these dreams which had the same meaning. In them God told Pharaoh seven years of plenty would come. They would be followed by seven years of famine. God gave Joseph wisdom, not only to interpret the dreams, but to advise Pharaoh what to do. This pleased Pharaoh, and God extended mercy to Joseph through him. He set Joseph over all his land. Not only was Joseph released from prison, but he became a ruler. (See Genesis 39-41 for the full story.)

God showed mercy to me, too. Growing up, I was a shy, bashful kid. It appeared that I would not amount to much. I feel so unworthy of God’s mercies toward me.

When in the seventh or eighth grade, I heard that Jesus died for sinners and rose again from the dead. It must be true, I reasoned, because it comes from the Bible. I believed it in my head and thought of myself as a Christian. However, I did not know what a true Christian was.

Years later, the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart. “Repent. Lynn, you are a sinner. Christ died for your sins. He arose from the dead that you might live. Repent.”

Then I fell upon my knees by my bed, and Jesus came to live in me. When I arose, peace like a river flooded my heart. Though unworthy, He made me His child.

My life has not been perfect since, but His mercy does not leave me. He promised, “I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee” (Heb. 13:5). His mercy to us unworthy creatures is everlasting.

Much time passed. In my mid-thirties He called me to the Navajo mission field. Leon Wallace came to the same place where I was. We prayed and believed that the Lord wanted us to serve Him together. We married. God gave us a daughter who presently studies law and manages a business.

Sixteen years later on June 22, 1987, God called my beloved husband home. What will I do now? I pondered. In about a week I visited a church where the pastor preached about writing. He described my shanty that he had never seen. I knew the Lord was speaking to me. Since that time I’ve been writing.

In 2008 Ambassador International published my first book, Our Lifeship: A Study in Proverbs for Women. Now I am seeking opportunities to speak. In myself I am not worthy; God gives me grace and mercy to help me. Butterflies flutter in my stomach as I plan to do power point, a new thing for me. By His grace and mercy I can do it. I cannot give up.

God delights in mercy. He takes pleasure in all who fear Him and hope in His mercy. Have you placed your trust and hope in Him? In Hebrews 6:19 the Lord says this is a “sure hope.”

My book, Our Lifeship, is available from Lynn’s website: http://www.writingfrommyheart.com. Watch for changes to this site from time to time.


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